Spray Tan


Single Session $40-$45
3 Session Package* $100-$106
Monthly Package** $150-$155 (5 sessions maximum)
Quarterly Package** $325-$338 (13 sessions maximum)
Yearly Package*** $999 (Best value, no up charge on solution, bronzer or shimmer drops, 50 sessions maximum)
Bronzer or Shimmer Drops $1 per session 

Price is based on solution requested
*Must be used within 30 days/ cannot share package
**Monthly package must be used within 35 days/ 91 days for quarterly package. Series is per client/ can share one tan per month
***Must be used within a 12 month, calendar year, from date of purchase. Series is per client/ can share one tan per month

The South Seas Spray Tan System has been used on Dancing with the Stars for ten seasons, is hand sprayed and will develop over several hours and last for 7-10 days. Bronzer or Shimmer drops available upon request. Exfoliating prior to your service is a must for best coverage and results. Please come without any makeup, oil based lotions, deodorants or moisturizers. It is best to come dressed in a dark swim suit or other dark clothing. Loose garments are a must after the application; black is best during the application.

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